Homeschool Planning Series Part 3. Creating a 12 Year Plan


If you’ve been following along with me, then you have read the first two steps in the planning process.

You can find Step 1. HERE

You can find Step 2. HERE 

Step 3. in the process is fun!

You have made a list of what is important to you in your child’s education, you know what your state requires of you (by law), and now you can make a 12-year plan/overview. Please do not feel overwhelmed. I promise it is easy!

I have created a 12-year plan for you to use. You can download it and print it for FREE!

12-year plan: (BLANK)

You can also view my 12-year plan, as an example

Go ahead and print yours out, if you’ll be using it, so you can follow along with me as I talk about how to fill it out.

The first thing you’ll do, on the 1st column going down, is write in the subjects or the categories that are required of you (by the state), to include in your child’s education (Alabama does not have any specific requirements for me).

Once you have filled those in, you can go ahead and write in the subjects and/or categories that are important to you, that we talked about in the first step of the planning process.

Now, across the top, there is a space (in grey), to fill in the grades. You can start with preschool (year 0 or early years),  and go all the way through to 12th grade (forms).

Now you are ready to mark what subjects you’ll be including in your plan (marked with a checkmark or an x), in each specific grade. This will help you plan future years with ease because you will have a 12-year chart to reference.

*DISCLAIMER; If you choose to use my plan (I highly recommend you create your own), please keep in mind that I am using Charlotte Mason’s philosophy. Some of you may notice that grammar isn’t studied formally until fourth grade or 10 years old. This is my plan, which is why I love the thought of creating my own curriculum. You can make these decisions based on your beliefs and what is important to YOU, not someone else. 

Please remember that this plan is not permanent. If things happen in your life that warrants a change to your 12-year plan, then simply change it. This is the beauty of creating a plan for your family. Only you know what is best.

When you are creating a 12-year plan, feel free to use one for your entire family, or create individual ones for your children, if they have special needs or a completely different learning style. It is up to you how you decide to use this resource.

That’s basically it for Step 3. of the planning process. If you have any questions, contact me. Once again, I hope this is helpful to you. Make sure to keep an eye out for the next step.



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