Homeschool Planning Series Part 2. Homeschool Laws

IMG_3488.JPGThe next step in the planning process is not fun, but it is a necessary and integral part of making sure that how we homeschool is compliant with our state’s laws.

We are a military family and move around quite a bit. This makes it a little more complicated to keep up with homeschool laws because we are continually trying to adapt to the new area. Hopefully, for you, you are staying in one place for a long time, and you only need to get familiar with your own state’s Laws and regulations.


The website I utilize to find these laws is HSLDA. It is a free online website that gives you the requirements for your state. I have made it so the link takes you right to the page. All you need to do is click on your state.

Currently, I am living in Alabama, and the requirements for this state are low. Take the time to find out what is required of you from your State. Even though Alabama does not need me to keep a detailed record of my children’s work, I still create portfolios for them because you never know. I know some states require individualized home instruction plans, yearly reviews with a teacher, etc.

I have created another straightforward Homeschool Laws download that you can use to keep your planning process neat and organized.

Once you know what is required of you, use the planning sheet to write down any essential requirements that you need to abide by to homeschool your children, legally. Some states also have specific subjects that you need to include in your home instruction, and there is a space for that on the sheet too.

I’ve also attached an attendance sheet that we have been using for years. I did not create it, but I have linked it for you to download and use. Credit goes to

That’s it for step 2. I hope you guys are enjoying this series. I really want this to be something that brings you peace through the planning process and does not make you feel overwhelmed. Until tomorrow, friends.




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