Teaching Cursive

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Today I am going to share what we use for teaching cursive in our homeschool. My son was interested in cursive last year but because he is left-handed, it was too difficult for him at the time. He picked it up again this year and I am already seeing major improvements and of course, he is happy with his progress as well.

The first thing I want to share is the curriculum I have been using with my 9-year-old. It is called Handwriting Without Tears- Cursive HandwritingI like it because it comes with a teacher guide and even has a weekly checklist of what to do each day. So far, I love the tips and tricks the lessons provide to make learning cursive enjoyable for my son. I look forward to using it with the rest of my children as they grow older.

handwriting without tears

The next resource we have incorporated into our homeschool for teaching cursive is a Montessori moving alphabet in cursive. I love these moving alphabet letters because they are a great sensory way to learn. All of my children, even the baby can pick the letters up, hold them in their hand, feel them and see them in a sensory way that helps them make those connections. They are also really fun to use! They come in a beautiful sturdy box with a lid. It allows the children to keep things neat and orderly while pleasing to the eye. This resource is an investment. It is well worth it in my opinion as all my children will use this resource for many years.

moving cursive letters

We use the moving alphabet with our line placement board. You can find these boards in my Etsy shop. I make each one by hand. They are a great way to teach spelling and line placement for little hands who cannot write. If your child knows their letter sounds but does not have neat penmanship, then this board is perfect for them. It is a great sensory way to learn how to read and write while speaking to their senses.

line placement board

Lastly, we incorporate sandpaper letters in cursive. They are wonderful! I love them because they are large and easy to hold and pick up off the table. The letters are made of sandpaper and my children love to trace the sandpaper letters with their fingers. This is perfect for learning cursive if they do not have the fine motor skills to begin writing cursive with a pencil and paper! I recommend these sandpaper letters from ages 4 and up.

sand paper cursive letters.JPG

For now, this is what I recommend because it is working for my children. I will write a part-two post about this in the future. The new resource I am testing needs to be used in our home for some time before I can give you my opinion on it.

I hope you found this post helpful. As always, please let me know if you have any questions or comments below.

– Crystal



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