Morning Basket

morning basket flatlay


Because of morning baskets, I love to wake up and I look forward to learning with my children! Morning basket time has been such a blessing to our family. We laugh, cry and grow together through living books and wonderful conversations.

No one is perfect and because we fall short, I believe that a morning basket is vital for us, as a family, because it helps to turn our hearts to Him, while at the same time building strong relationships with each other. This is why I try, and encourage you, to fill it to the brim with beautiful and wonderful things.

You will not see me posting a lot about this on my Instagram because I truly cherish this moment with my kids. This is our special time together and I see no reason why I should do anything to take away from it.


A morning basket is simply a basket of any kind that is filled with a feast of poetry, literature, living books, songs, hymns and “busy work,” for the younger children if you feel that is necessary. My oldest two like to illustrate what we are reading in their Jaq Jaq Bird doodle books. This is also a good time to practice the habit of attention. During this time there is an opportunity to ask questions, narrate, and have deep conversations together. It is our favorite part of the day!


  • It creates a bond between families.
  • Even if nothing else was accomplished that day, it was not in vain.
  • There is an opportunity to touch upon many different subjects in the form of living books.
  • It is a great way to include younger siblings (education is a life)
  • It creates a habit of self-care (making sure we are filling our cups on a daily basis so we do not become weary)
  • It is jam-packed with knowledge/food for the soul
  • It takes no more than an hour and a half at most! It is so fun!


There is no set of rules that tell you what you can and cannot incorporate into a morning basket. There is beauty in custom tailoring a basket, rich with literature and beautiful things for your family to feast upon, first thing in the morning. It sets the tone for the rest of the day.

Here is what we currently have in our morning basket;

We read from our Bible following Ambleside online’s bible schedule for year two.



We are currently reading The Book of Virtues by William J. Bennet. It is a treasury of great moral stories. We have wonderful conversations together about these stories.


We read a poem every single day. The children work on memorization and also practice recitation during this time. It always amazes me how quickly children memorize poetry!  This poetry book has been a blessing to me and my children. It is one of our most loved poetry books.  “A Child’s Book of Poems” by Gyo Fujikawa 

a childs book of poems

I find that working on phonics during this time works great for our family. The older two always refresh on their phonics skills and encourage my 4-year-old son to learn them as well. I have an abundance of flashcards but these are my tried and true, favorite! We love these phonics cards. They have a phonogram sound on one side and on the reverse side is teaching information for the parent. I love their simplicity and how large and sturdy they are. It also comes with a nice poster to keep track of the milestones your child reaches while learning phonics.

phonics cards

These Guidecraft 3D tiles and shapes matching set help keep tiny hands busy during our morning time. There are many tiles and shapes to sort and match. It is one of their favorite toys. Every two weeks or so, sometimes sooner, we swap for a different toy (as long as it is quiet).

guidecraft 2

We sing one hymn and one folksong for an entire month. This is just enough to keep things interesting but long enough to make these songs a part of their memory bank. We have been using this Hymn Book for over a  year now and it is a wonderful asset to our morning basket.

IMG_8940 (1)

We have been incorporating Teaching Character Through Literature from Beautiful Feet Books during our morning time. Our behaviors, our choice of words, and our intentions reveal our hearts. In no way is this a claim that your children and even yourself won’t make mistakes in life, especially in relationships. This sweet guide helps us reflect on when we have made poor choices, said things we didn’t mean, and it inspires us to be better.

This guide helps point our children to Jesus. We are faced with a world that desperately tries to rip us away from Him. This guide helps our children to face this beautiful and terrible world with “love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, and self- control” (Galatians 5:22-23). This guide helps cultivate a love for God and others.

teaching character through literature

We use these FREE scripture memorization cards from The Peaceful Preschool for scripture memorization.

scripture cards from the peaceful press

Lastly, we include chapter books in our morning basket. We usually read a chapter or two from each. Currently, we are reading The Burgess Bird Book and The Wind in the Willows .



I hope this helps give you confidence when it comes to putting together your own morning basket. It can be as big or small as you want. My prayer is that it brings your family joy!

All the best,


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